Jessica See

Jessica See is the founder and principal coach and trainer for Health Coach International. She is a Certified Professional Coach and Trainer (IPMA UK), Clinical Nutritionist and Stress Consultant (Stonebridge UK), Certified NLP and NeuroSemantics Practitioner (ISNS).

Certified Health Coach Program

“True healthcare reform springs from the capacity of individuals in a population to build self-care skills, improve their health behaviours and accept accountability for their health. It is not about giving motivation but inspiring it,” said William Applegate, PhD, executive director of Iowa Chronic Care Consortium in an issue of Medical Home News. Lifestyle related chronic diseases account for as …

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Hello Asia!

The importance and value of a health coach is growing exponentially as the world faces rising healthcare costs and increasing accountability for quality outcomes.  The more important reality of this data is that most chronic conditions can be prevented or improved dramatically by eliminating some of the major risk factors, such as diet, smoking, and …

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