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80% of the population are not thriving in their health while others want to get better, willing to make changes and to invest in themselves

Which one are you?

Health coaching encourages the individual to establish goals by focusing on self-management and internal motivation.

Our Programs

Have you tried countless diets that worked for a while, but the kilos
seem to keep coming back?
Losing weight is not difficult, it’s keeping the weight off that is
tough. Unfortunately most weight loss diets don’t work long term. At
Health Coach International, we believe in adopting a more long-term
integrative approach based on three areas: nutrition, physical, and
behavioural modification. Our goal is to help you to discover and
cultivate healthy eating and lifestyle habits that you truly enjoy!

No one wants the inconvenience of diabetes or heart trouble; no one
likes being so obese they feel exhausted walking from their home to the
train station, but when it comes to preventative wellness, they equate
it to a life sentence of bland meals and exhausting exercise.

Well, we want to show you that real healthy living is not about
deprivation, but rather it’s an adventure that makes everyday life more
enjoyable – discovering healthylicious foods, fun exercises, meeting
like-minded new friends, opening up new horizons so you don’t just add
more years to your life, but also more life to your years!

You want to change. You want to break the habit – butt out, and stay
out. But every time you’ve tried to quit, something happens (and you
don’t really know what) and you end up smoking again. You want to break
the cycle, but don’t really know how.

If you’ve had a hard time trying to quit (and staying smokefree), then
this 12-week programme is for you, simply because it recognizes your
individuality. Your certified health coach will help you navigate this
journey to fight any addiction, restore your body and stay healthy for

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“I really love this program as it provides a good overview of detox and its benefits as well as practical daily applications for exercises, food intake and meditation. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt loads of stuff which are practical and easy to implement.”
Anne Yap
Page Advisor